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Hotel Siddhi Manakamana


Hotel Siddhi Manakamana is located just steps away from the famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Boudhanath Stupa.  Guest can enjoy the dramatic views of the sunrise and sunset from the rooftop of this beautiful hotel.


Hotel Siddhi Manakamana is inspired by traditional Newari architecture and we bring exquisite Newari craftsmanship to every room. Handcrafted wood by Nepali artisans and hand-laid bricks from local clay create a majestic and restorative ambience.


Hotel Siddhi Manakamana also features an eco-Buddhist design. A small stupa filled with relics, mantras and “tsa tsa-” (miniature stupas) in the center of the courtyard creates a peaceful and meditative environment while the fountain helps to neutralize negativities and imbalances of the elements. Harvested rainwater is used to minimize the impact of water use in the Kathmandu valley. As you walk through the garden, you can experience a harmonious blend of natural elements and elegant human skill, all surrounded by the blessings of the Stupa.

Hotel Amenities include free wireless internet, LED TV, air conditioning, luxurious cotton sheets, hot water, private balcony and laundry facilities.  Adjacent to the garden is Ananda Restaurant, where you can enjoy Chinese, Continental, Indian, Nepali and Tibetan cuisines.

Hotel Siddhi Manakamanaalso provides pilgrimage excursions and a variety of tour packages. Upon group request, the guest house also offers yoga classes from a trained yoga instructor, or Buddhist teachings from qualified Lama.

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By Anil Blon
Natraj Trekking


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