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Tibet Tour


Tibet – Roof of the World

Tibet, known as the Roof of the World, is the highest region on earth with an average elevation of over 4000m. Located in the heart of Asia, Tibet is surrounded by the world’s highest mountains, including Mt. Everest. A Tibetan Plateau cover nearly a quarter of the land mass of China and is home to approximately 5.5 million Tibetan people. Along with the world’s highest mountains, many of Asia’s most important rivers have their headwaters on the Tibetan Plateau including the Yellow, Mekong, Yangtze, Salween and the Brahmaputra.


Tibet has a diverse geography. The northern areas are covered in high altitude grasslands home to yaks and nomadic herders. The eastern region is rugged with deep river valleys giving way to huge, snow-capped peaks. The western area is the most remote and is largely uninhabited, while the southern region is the most developed and most densely populated. The southern region has Tibet’s most famous and holiest temples and monasteries as well as the famous Himalayan mountain range.

Tibetan people are broken up into 3 main categories. The first are the nomads. Tibetan nomads live on the remote, high altitude grasslands of the north. The living conditions here are harsh with winter temperatures often dropping below -25C. Though remote, the nomadic areas are the best regions to travel to if you are interested in traditional Tibetan culture. The second main category that Tibetans fall in is the farmers. Tibetan farmers grow mainly high altitude barley, potatoes and wheat. Though they live lower than the nomads, they still live between 3000 meters and 4000 meters above sea level. The last category of Tibetans is those living in cities and towns. These Tibetans own businesses such as restaurants, guesthouses and small shops.

Tibet has some of the world’s most amazing scenery and has some of the most friendly people. We at Natraj Trekking would like to welcome you for exploring a trip to Tibet- the Roof of the World through us.

By Anil Blon
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